Understanding the Finances of your Worker’s Compensation Claim

STEP 1 = Average Weekly Wage

Sostrin and Sostrin will subpoena your payroll file(s) from your employer(s) and accurately calculate your average weekly wage (AWW) for you.  Your average weekly wage is very important because it is used in the calculation of your weekly compensation, temporary total disability (TTD) payments, and it is also used in your permanency compensation.

Average Weekly Wage = Your average weekly wage is your average gross pay from the previous 52 weeks from the date of injury. We may be able to include your overtime pay.

STEP 2 = Weekly Compensation / TTD

Your TTD Rate = Average weekly wage x 2/3. Your TTD rate is the amount you receive weekly.  This amount is tax-free money.

STEP 3 = Permanency Compensation

After your doctor concludes you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), we will negotiate a settlement of your case for full value OR if the settlement offer is not full value, we will go to trial to try and get the higher award you deserve.