Working within a construction zone is a very dangerous work environment. The risks at hand are visible to those within the industry. However, just because of the nature of work, you are still entitled to a high sense of safety precautions. More than 6 million people worked in various types of construction in 2013, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The industry continues to be one that poses significant hazards to workers. The Department of Labor confirms construction to be the industry with the highest number of fatal injuries. Accidents that can occur within the construction industry are commonly related to the spine, brain, hands and range from the very minor to very serious including death.

Our Role

Our role as your attorney and advocate is to determine whether the injury at hand was caused because of employers or a coworker’s negligence. They present you with the options available to you. The types of injuries and accidents we cover include but are not limited to; nail gun injuries, lifts and ladders, fall-safety harnesses, heavy equipment, trench cave-ins and electrical accidents.

Your First Steps

The first step towards finding out what your options for legal action is to speak to an attorney and begin to document your case. Including determining your rights through the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission, or local Union.

This case would pass through a panel of three commissioners, and then move forward to the circuit court, the Appellate court and finally the Illinois Supreme Court. Cases passing through the Illinois court system are often resolved through a settlement. However, each injury is reviewed taking all evidence into consideration. Another factor to consider is that workers’ compensation only provides a portion of the coverage you may need to cover a long term effects of the injury. Not to mention the loss of pay, and inability to work later in life due to complications related to the original injury.

The best way to choose a course of action is to speak with an experienced attorney. We have been serving the working people of Chicago, achieving over 1 Billion Dollars in rewards for our clients. Our firm will review your case and present the best option for you and your accident circumstances..

Our attorneys are very experienced in representing workers against their construction organizations or third parties involved in the case and have a phenomenal track record in the state of Illinois. We look forward to hearing from you, and promise to secure your peace of mind as well as securing a strong sense of representation.