After an accident, to best help protect yourself:

  1. Do not try to tough it out and work through the pain!  If you are hurt, take action right away!
  2. Report the injury or accident to a supervisor, orally or in writing, as soon as you can after the accident happened.
  3. Fill out an accident report, keep a copy for your records if you can.  Sometimes accident reports get lost!
  4. Seek medical treatment as soon as you can.  In addition to mitigating your injury, this shows that the injury was serious enough to warrant medical attention.  Tell the doctor when, where, and how the accident happened.  It is important that the first doctor you see documents what happened in your medical records, because they carry greater weight at trial.
  5. If contacted by a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster, never agree to give a recorded statement.  The adjuster will tell you that it is needed to process your claim, but a recorded statement, is never needed to process your claim.
  6. The earlier in the process that you call us the better, because we can oversee the handling of your claim and make sure your rights are protected.  Even if you are not at the beginning of the claim, feel free to call us at any point in the process and we can help put you on the right track.

We keep the sign up process simple ….

The person doing your intake will always be a lawyer, not a chaser or a call center.  Your workers’ compensation case will be handled by our office, it will not be referred out to a different law firm.  We will have you come to our office, if you cannot make it to our office, we can talk over the phone, but we prefer to meet face to face.


Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers to explain your case today. We will take it from there.