“Personal injury” is a broad category of torts (injury) against a person (as opposed to property).  Personal injury lawsuits often revolve around the negligence of a party. Whether he or she was required to fulfill a duty, whether that person failed to fulfill that duty, and whether that failure caused harm to another.

While the definition of negligence is simple enough, these types of lawsuits can be difficult to navigate due to the analyses involved.

For example, if a customer slips and falls at the grocery store, who is at fault?  Does the customer sue the grocery store, the employee who failed to mop up the spill, or another customer whose child created the spill?  Are people who slip liable for their falls because they “should have looked where they were going”?  Would the damages be different if the customer who fell had brittle bone disease that resulted in higher medical bills than those of someone without a medical condition?

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In the past century, our firm has won over $1 Billion in client awards, and it would be our pleasure to answer your questions, and advocate for you during such a challenging time. Whether your personal injury case is a slip and fall, construction accident, medical malpractice, or a vehicle accident, you can be sure that our team will zealously advocate on your behalf.