While train travel is considered one of the safest modes of transportation. But, like anything else, accidents happen. As our need for train transportation grows, so do the number of disasters. In recent news, we’ve witnessed several devastating passenger train collisions in Chicago and Illinois.

Train accidents, unfortunately, have a fatality rate of 40 times that of an auto accident. Train accidents often include pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and other public transportation vehicles. With different vehicles coming from multiple directions and at varying speeds, each victim has little time to react.

More Common Than You Think

Train accidents statistics are far higher than you might think. The United States Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis reports 367 deaths related to a train accident. The causes of train accidents can be nearly anything malfunctioning equipment, dangerous conditions, improper track signage, failed signals, track issues, or human error. Human error like that seen in the Chicago L CTA disaster, where the train derailed and crashed into the escalator of O’Hare airport is an example of one such situation. Regardless of fault each victim or party involved in such an accident should seek the guidance and counseling of an experienced Chicago or Illinois attorney.

Rail Company Responsibilities

Rail companies have a responsibility to conduct business in a safe manner. Their responsibility goes beyond guarding against crashes and derailments; the companies must ensure that their employees, stations, and crossings are operating as safe as possible.

Should the Rail Company fail to operate at industry safety standards, they can be held responsible for damages and injuries of the victims. Including but not limited to (past and future): medical bills, loss of income, property damages, trauma counseling, long-term care, physical therapy, and transportation costs.

If you are a worker at a Railroad Company in Illinois and are injured on the job, your claim may fall under the Workers Compensation Act. Consulting with an attorney who can advise you on the details of your case, and accident is the best way to determine if you can file a claim. You’ll also get a better understanding of the legal process and how long it will take to get a resolution if you do file a claim.

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